On the Road Again

As we shared a Mote con Huesillo at a street cafe beneath a beautiful warm blue sky, it finally sunk in that we’re back on the road again ready to set off for another adventure.

We enjoyed this popular summertime dessert yesterday at a cafe in Santiago, Chile. Made by soaking peaches and fresh husked wheat in a sweet nectar of water, honey and cinnamon, it’s unique to this country.

Mote con Huesillo

Our plan is to cycle south from Santiago through Chile, then climb over the Andes into Argentina and back again finishing in Puerto Varas in the Chilean Lake District.

Over the next 6 weeks our route will take us roughly 1900 km (1200 miles) through wine country, down the wild Pacific Coast, past snow-capped volcanoes and along the Camino de los Siete Lagos (Road of the Seven Lakes) considered to be one of the great bike rides of the world.

We’re a bit nervous to be honest … the more research we do, the more we realise how bike touring in South America will be different compared to Europe. Big distances between places, big changes in climate, lots of rough gravel tracks.

Our bikes have come with us packed safely in proper bike bags. Andy has spent many hours giving them new tyres, new brake pads, new chains, new sprockets (back gears) and new cables. After lots of swear words and as many cut fingers, they now look ready for whatever Chile might throw at them.

The bike bags arriving together at Santiago airport

This time, we’ve cut out the luxury items making our panniers several kilos lighter. Those of you that followed our blog to Barcelona might be surprised to hear that this time there’s no pillow, no pilates ball and most controversially of all, no hairdryer! Our good friend, Ginny, lent Clare the perfect alternative – a pink hair roller for her fringe!

Here are our clothes for the trip. Can anyone spot the difference?



A few days acclimatising in Santiago has helped to ease our nerves a little. Not known as a great tourist destination but it does seem to be a lovely city to live in. Spotlessly clean, lots of trees and parks, easy to get around, plentiful bars and restaurants and full of friendly people.

View across Santiago
Fish and chips in the middle of the fish market
Leafy streets

Now it’s time to climb on our bikes and pedal off, starting with the Casablanca wine valley and the vibrant old port town of Valparaiso.

Clare and Andy

“On the road again

Goin’ places that I’ve never been

Seein’ things that I may never see again

And I can’t wait to get on the road again”

Willie Nelson

25 thoughts on “On the Road Again”

  1. Fantastic post guys, you are very brave, I hope you have a brilliant time. Take care on those mountain roads, have you seen Romancing The Stone ?/!! ( just kidding ). Cheers, John

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  2. What a fantastic adventure. I love your pioneering cycling journey and can’t wait for more news. Lots of love to you both.
    Ps Clare where’s the hair dryer? Xxxxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow. What a great adventure. Enjoy. Sounds like it will be wonderful. Looking forward to reading about it. Make sure you load your rides onto Strava!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy travels guys. We look forward to news of your progress. Some photos from Valparaiso please? We’re in Galway about to go out to look for Guinness and live music. Not up to your healthy example I’m afraid.
    Ps. I’m a generous person- the pink curler was a gift, not a loan! Xx

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  5. I felt the anticipation and the apprehension! Not sure what the biking equivalent is of ‘fair winds and following seas’, but whatever it is may you have them! Looking forward to following you. Good luck!

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  6. We were talking about you and asking if anyone had heard from you at tennis this morning- and if by magic- my phone pinged, and your first blog arrived.

    What an adventure. Looking forward to following your route.

    Happy peddling.

    Helen xx

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  7. Hmm, after seeing you sitting out in the sun and looking all exotic, I’m feeling quite restless now myself….. it does look like a fantastic adventure and so different from Europe. Have a really wonderful time ONYERBIKE! Jeanxx

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  8. After experiencing a typically cold and dank morning’s tennis at Lansdown today I’m very jealous. I remember going to that large fish market. I believe all the steel girders for the roof structure were British made? Good luck on your journey.

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  9. Great to hear you’re both back on the road. Sounds like a fantastic trip in prospect. Looking forward to getting regular updates via the blog- best of luck.
    David and Sharon xx

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  10. Crikey, you two put a new spin on the phrase ‘early retirement’! Good for you, wish Phil was as intrepid but sadly he and bikes don’t ‘get on’ – lol.
    Looking forward to following your blog again and sharing vicariously in your adventure. Watch out for bandits!!
    Love Debs

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