Rough Route

Here’s our rough route:

Stage 1: Bath to Portsmouth


Stage 2: St. Malo to Angers on the Loire river

Stage3: Up the Loire to Amboise (or whenever we get bored of Chateaus)

Stage 4: Amboise to La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast

Stage 5: Down the coast to Bordeaux

Stage 6: Through the wine country to Toulouse

Stage 7: Down to Carcassonne, then over the Pyrenees to Barcelona




3 thoughts on “Rough Route”

  1. Have fun 🙂 It looks like it should be a pretty good route.

    When you’ll be along the Loire, it’ll be easy to ditch the maps as the Loire à Vélo (Euro Velo 6 is very well marked). Same goes for the Atlantic Coast. The Vélodyssée (Euro Velo 1) is pretty well marked (although it can be a bit patchy in cities).

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